Le Carnet de Bal Collection

30 Nov 2010
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Historic Unveiling of the "Carnet de Bal" All White Diamond Collection

Historic Unveiling of the "Carnet de Bal" All White Diamond Collection
LONDON, United Kingdom – December 2010

Fabergé is delighted to announce the historic unveiling of its second high jewellery collection since 1917, the all-white-diamond “Carnet de Bal” collection. The collection celebrates Fabergé’s iconic styles and the venerable value of white diamonds, and commemorates the splendour of bygone Russian winter celebrations - the banquets, balls and soirées that were a pivotal feature of St Petersburg society and Fabergé’s world at the turn of the 19th century. A “Carnet de Bal” (or dance card) served to record the names and order of the gentlemen with whom a lady had agreed to dance, and also as a memento of the ball.

Fusing tradition and modernity, and priced at up to $1million, the “Carnet de Bal” collection draws inspiration from winter themes and works by Peter Carl Fabergé to deliver contemporary interpretations of styles reminiscent of the Belle Époque era.

Fittingly, a special and discreet preview of the new collection took place amid uncharacteristic snowfall during London’s Russian Week, when Russian art and century old Fabergé objects are auctioned by Bonhams, Christies and Sothebys.

The announcement comes just fifteen months after the debut in September 2009 of Fabergé’s highly acclaimed “Les Fabuleuses” collection of multicoloured, intricately set, one-off jewellery creations.

Katharina Flohr, Fabergé’s Creative and Managing Director, commented:

“The ‘Carnet de Bal’ collection blends opulence and freshness, capturing the fine balance between historical grandeur and modernity. Contemporary Fabergé jewellery requires sensitivity, respect for materials, attention to detail and elements drawn from its legendary heritage.

“The fascination and enthusiasm for our inaugural ‘Les Fabuleuses’ collection has been overwhelming, and I’m delighted to present this new collection, particularly so at a time when white diamonds have roundly demonstrated their resilient value. Our clients continually seek special items that will hold or accrue value for decades to come.

“In continuing our expedition as creators of endearing and enduring personal treasures, we strive to set Fabergé apart in terms of creativity, design and craftsmanship. Perpetuating Peter Carl Fabergé’s love of surprises, we also naturally have something special in store for 2011!”