Ruban de la Rose Collection

14 Oct 2010
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Ruban de la Rose

This seductive pink diamond Ruban de la Rose Ring, part of Les Fauves de Fabergé, looped with the silky soft ribbons of ballet pumps evokes the Ballets Russes’ Spectre de la Rose, in which Nijinsky, as the spirit of the rose, performs his breathtaking leap through the window, out of the young girl’s dream. A symphony in shades of dusky pink, the colour of antique roses, the luscious ribbons of the ring, paved in powder-pink diamonds, are tied around a limpid Golconda-type diamond of 11.57 carats.

Golconda refers to the ancient, legendary Indian diamond mines in the fort town of Golconda, in the state of Hyderabad, India, famed for its diamonds filled with a unique soft, gentle light, likened to the moon. Golconda diamonds were lusted after by the Moghul Emperors and adored by the King of France Louis XIV. Some of the world’s greatest, most historic diamonds, like the Koh I Noor and the Hope came from Golconda. This exceptional diamond, a fancy orangey pink colour, shows Golconda-type characteristics of softness and lustre.