Royal Fabergé Exhibition

23 Jul 2011
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The Royal Fabergé Exhibition at Buckingham Palace

The State Rooms, Buckingham Palace, London
23 July – 3 October 2011


© 2011, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Fabergé’s most famous clients were’s nobility, with the Imperial Romanov family, and Tsar Nicholas II, at the helm. However, they were not the only collectors. Six generations of the British Royal family, from Queen Victoria to Her Royal Majesty the Queen and His Majesty the Prince of Wales have carefully amassed one of the world’s finest collection of Fabergé pieces. Tatiana Fabergé, founding member of the Fabergé Heritage Council, and great-grand-daughter of Peter Carl Fabergé, particularly likes the miniature tea set made of silver gilt and opaque enamel. The Royal Fabergé collection is being shown at the Summer Opening of Buckingham Palace from 23 July to 3 October 2011.

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