Fabergé Horlogerie Collection

21 Mar 2011
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Fabergé Horlogerie Collection Unveiled

With characteristic perfectionism and panache, Peter Carl Fabergé, goldsmith and jeweller to the Russian Imperial Court, found ingenious ways of incorporating clocks and watches into his rich repertoire of jewelled objects and personal accessories. Fabergé’s commitment to watch-making is manifested in three signature collections – Alexei, Agathon and Anastasia – celebrating Fabergé traditions of fusing artistry and craftsmanship with ingenuity and modernity.

Distinctive guilloché engraving and exquisite enamelling weave their way through the collection. Precious details, recalling the intricacies of Fabergé works of art, include the egg-shaped cabochon and diamond crowns, hand-engraving on selected movements and gem-set buckles. 

The Alexei Collection, an immediate contemporary classic, blends the softness and modernity that characterise original Fabergé creations, and showcases artisanal brilliance in the fineness of its hand-engraved guilloché dial. The Agathon Collection captures a sporty elegance, distinguished by its strikingly coloured guilloché enamel dials like satin slate grey and brilliant vermillion red, and includes the Chronograph and Regulator. The Anastasia Collection is alluringly glamorous, either in full diamond pavé or opalescent white enamel over rose gold dressed in diamonds, and injects a note of Imperial splendour.