This opal pendant and necklace is the first in a series of exceptional, intriguing one of a kind jewels that form part of Les Favorites de Fabergé, the exuberant, abundant collection of miniature egg pendants, that illustrate the wealth of styles, materials, techniques and stories that are part of the Fabergé legend, and that recall the much-treasured miniature egg pendants created by the House of Fabergé and presented as gifts for Easter, name days and birthdays. This romantic pendant , the Karenina, is expertly carved from gem-quality opal, in a perfectly smooth, perfectly proportioned iconic egg form. The otherworldly beauty of the opal, with its shifting glints of inner light, is complemented by a delicate diamond-studded white gold chain. The lustrous femininity and refinement of this pendant and necklace, the soft colours of moonlight, evoke the epic love story of Anna Karenina, Tolstoy’s masterpiece.