Les Palais
This collection of miniature egg pendants, with co-ordinating drop earrings, meticulously hand-crafted in gold and enamel, evokes the romance and grandeur of magnificent Imperial Palaces. Built and rebuilt, expanded and refurbished by generations of Romanov Emperors and Empresses, these sumptuous palaces, with their great gilded and glittering halls and cosily intimate salons, their pavilions and parks became the heart and soul of Romanov lifestyle. Tsarksoe Selo, “the Tzar’s Village”, outside St Petersburg, was the site of the extravagantly baroque Catherine Palace, and the neo-classical masterpiece, the Alexander Palace, home to Nicholas and Alexandra and their family. Peterhof, originally built for Peter the Great, in the 18th century was a vast landscaped estate, inspired by the grandeur of Versailles. The pendants and long or short drop earrings are decorated with hand-worked guilloche engraving, overlaid with enamels in deep, vibrant or subtle colours, from burgundy red through delicate eau-de-nil and burnished copper, each egg ornamented with a decorative gold frieze, and highlighted with white diamonds.