Mir Fabergé

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The Mir Fabergé art journal is inspired by Mir Iskusstva, the influential art journal and movement, founded by Sergei Diaghilev, creator of the Ballet Russes, and his circle of artist friends, from Leon Bakst to Coco Chanel, at the centre of Russia’s Silver Age, a flowering of artistry and intellect at the turn of the 20th century. Mir Iskusstva aimed at a reinvigoration and synthesis of the arts, literature, music, art, poetry, and included in its eclectic pages, encompassing noble and peasant culture, and once featured the masterworks of Peter Carl Fabergé, artist-goldsmith and court jeweller to the Romanovs. 

Mir Fabergé means World of Fabergé. (Mir: ‘World’ in Russian), showcasing Fabergé-related stories in a journal experience of film, photography, painting and illustration. As Sergei Diaghilev once described his greatest creation, the Ballets Russes, as a “total artwork”, so all elements of Mir Fabergé belong together in their contrasting styles.

In a parallel synthesis of the arts, so relevant again today, the contemporary stories bring together artists from a variety of creative disciplines: photographers, designers, film makers, actors, dancers, artists, illustrators, composers, writers, costume designers and Fabergé experts.

Mir Fabergé weaves past and present, exploring the tales and anecdotes from Peter Carl Fabergé’s own world, his clients and acquaintances, from the ballet legend Vaslav Nijinsky to the Princess Murat, and featuring both original Fabergé objects and jewels from contemporary Fabergé High Jewellery Collections, Les Fabuleuses de Fabergé.